"NELEKONA OHANA" is Nelson Family in Hawaiian.
It means, "want to go South".
So the Nelsons went back to the "South Pacific".
-He Hawaii Au-
Tonight I am here with you.
Tonight I have returned.
Long was my journey on the path.
To seek a place in this world.
I now clearly see and understand.
The home within my heart.
I returned when I realized this.
I will not wander again.
For I understand, I am Hawaiian.

Plumeria Flowers For You

Plumeria Flowers For You

Bible Verse of the Day

Monday, May 28, 2012

Life with our Beautiful Grandson, Dylan

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Hula

Sunday, April 15, 2012

South Shore Christian Fellowship indoors Easter 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter at SSCF at Maunalua Bay 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Sista Sonja's Vacation in Hawai'i

It was so good to have my sister here with me for 2 weeks.  She hasn't been back home for 18 years, you could tell because everything she saw, it was like the first time.  She was excited to share it with Tim and Miranda. We did a lot while they were here. For example: The Beach, you couldn't get her and Miranda out of the water, Waimanalo Beach was their favorite.  We also did a lot of Tourist and Local activities.  
Lots of shopping at Ala Moana & day at Aloha Swap Meet, Pearlridge, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor,
 Pali Lookout, Ewa Beach  Day, Go around the Island, Pro Bowl Block Party, Waikiki Elk's Lodge, 
Hard Rock Cafe, Duke's Beachcomber, L & L, Keneke's, Friday Fireworks...too much to mention.
Just hanging out together talking story was the best.  I love you Sonja, Miranda & Tim.  
Let's do it again real soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Na Palapalai Concert in Hawaii Kai

We had an awesome time at "Na Palapalai Concert" a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii Kai.  We were honored to dance, "Ke Anu O Waimea".  Even though I just learned the dance in two sessions, you can see a lot of mistakes on my part in the video on my blog, but hey, as you can see the smile on my face, I was having a good time.  Moe Keala's son, (who my Mom knew Moe in her hanabata daze), and is now a Kumu himself, danced a number also.  It is a must on owning their CD, they have the most beautiful voices.   Dancing with the back drop of the Ocean Marina, Boaters having their cocktails and enjoying the music all while the sun was setting, gave such a tropical touch.  Wish you could be there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Iolani Palace & Indingo Restaurant

Last Friday, Dean took off work so he could spend the day with me in our City of Honolulu.  Our first stop was a tour of 'Iolani Palace.  My girlfriend, Val Pursel is the Tour Director for the 'Iolani Palace.  She gave us an extensive tour of the Palace and had a lot of history & passion for the Hawaiian Culture to share with us.  It gave us "chicken skin".  I would highly recommend learning about what the Royal Hawaiian King & Queen did for these islands.  I remember going on a field trip in grade school and hardly paid attention and was more excited to go to Ala Moana Park to see what I had in my lunch box and what boy I was going to chase around the trees in the park. Ha,Ha.  I so appreciate it all now.  Anyway, we had a lovely time in the rooms of the Royal Palace.

After our special Royal Palace tour, we walked over to Nuuanu Ave. to "Indingo Restaurant" for their buffet.  This restaurant offers a signature blend of modern Asian, French and Mediterranean cuisine, creating a balance and harmony that delights any palate. (That is what they say anyway).  Right off the bat I loved their decor, then their drinks and menu was to die for.  We will be going their for sure for dinner and nightlife but lunch was quite romantic with all the exotic and scenery.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Prince Lot Hula Festival 2011

Another year dancing at Prince Lot Hula Festival.
What an honor for our Halau to be asked to be part
of this celebration of Hula.  We danced a couple of dances, "Wahine Holo Lio", about Queen Emma riding her horse on the island, and also "Malama Mau",
about taking care of our Aina (our land).
This year we designed & printed our own Pa'u Skirt, with stamps that were created by my Kumu Hula Shirley Recca's sister, Pua Van Dorpe.  She is a Master Kapa Maker, her designs are displayed in the Bishop Museum and she has a statue of herself at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Not one Pa'u is alike, each dancer in our hula troupe has their own designs. I chose to do a story board with the stamps that she offered the troupe to use. I call my design, "God's Creation of Hawai'i".  At the bottom is the ocean's current, with the large & small Vana (sea urchin) in the ocean, with waves, the land, mountains and birds flying over the islands.

 (Hilton Hawaiian Village Statue seated at bottom right.)

(Puanani Van Dorpe)

(Amy & Krista, my girlfriends from Oregon came to watch.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

34th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival 2011

Come & see Me & our Halau dance at the 34th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival at spectacular Moanalua Gardens on Saturday, July 16, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We dance at 1:20. It is the largest non-competitive hula event in Hawaii, the festival honors Prince Lot Kapuaiwa who reprised the once banned hula in the district of Moanalua. HĀLAU PERFORMANCING:
Hālau Hula O Maiki
Kumu Hula Coline Aiu
Na Pualei o Likolehua
Kumu Hula Leinā‘ala Kalama Heine
Joan S. Lindsey Hula Studio
Kumu Hula Joan Lindsey
Ka Pā Nani `O Lilinoe
Kumu Hula Lilinoe Lindsey
Hālau Nā Mamo O Pu‘uanahulu
Kumu Hula Sonny Ching
Hālau Hula Ka No‘eau
Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang
Pa Kui a Holo Lua School
Olohe Dr. Mitchell Eli
Hālau Hula O Nāmakahūlali
Kumu Hula Shirley Recca
Pua Ali‘i ‘Ilima
Nā Kumu Hula Vicky Holt Takamine and
Jeffrey Kānekaiwilani Takamine
Hālau O Nā Pua Kukui
Kumu Hula Ed Collier
Hālau Hula Olana
Nā Kumu Hula Howard & Olana Ai and Shelsea Ai Apana
Nā Pua`ala o ka Palikūpuni`iaekauanoe
Ho`opa`a Noelani and Leinanionāpua`ala Dabis
Ka Wai O Punahou
Kumu Hula Doreen Doo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dean's 54th Birthday Day

 Dean took the day off to celebrate his birthday with me.  It was a day of surprises... for him anyway.  As soon as he woke up, I gave him a task, to pack 3 different items of clothing, 1 for the beach, 1 for casual wear and 1 for working.  The working group was bothering him all day because all he wanted to know was what he was going to have to do in that set of clothing. I told him, " no worry, be happy".  We first headed out to the North Shore of the island, of Hale'iwa.  We had lunch at "Hale'iwa Joes", just seafood pupus and drinks out on their lanai looking over the boat harbor.  Nothing fancy, just relaxing.  Then we went to Lai'e to look for a park that I wanted to take him where we would be working on a project.  I made like I couldn't find it and suggested that we stop at a park to change in our work clothes while I try to figure out how to tell him what we where about to do. Actually, we were right across the street of out destination.  Anyway, I could see that he was getting a little upset to what work we will be doing, I finally told him.  Across the street was Kualoa Ranch.  I told him that we were going to go horseback riding in the Ko'olau Valley for the afternoon, that is why he had to bring his work clothes.  He was very happy and excited to go horseback riding, but I was terrified. 

I haven't been on a horse since I was 12 years old with my Mom.  We went to another ranch with some friends on the North Shore. My Mom use to have a horse when she was a teen and would ride it from her Kahala house to the beach of Waikiki bareback!  She already knew how to handle a horse, but not me, I was clueless.  After getting on my horse and seeing how high up I was, I said forget it.  I decided to stay behind at the stables with the other ranchers.  
Anyway, this time around, I was determine to do this, ride a horse thing.  I prayed and asked the Lord for courage and strength, and you know what?  He answered and gave me a peace the whole ride.  Now I am a "Paniolo Wahine" (cowgirl).  We had such a lovely time together riding in the Ko'olau valley, learning about the old hawaiian history of the Ali'i (royalty) and the sacred caves and land, 
how the hawaiians used the plants for different events and for daily living.  So beautiful and breathtaking. 
Lucky we live Hawai'i.
 Oh, yeah Dean had a great time too. 
Although we both walked like John Wayne 
the whole next day. 

Princess Ka'iulani

Princess Ka'iulani

Kaleohano Royal Genealogy

Here is how I found out how the Kaleohano Ohana is related to Hawaiian Royalty. I have been studying Hula & Hawaiiana for the last 17 years, not counting when I was in grade school and a couple of years ago, I borrowed a book from the library entitled, "The Hula", by Jerry Hopkins. In it he has a Genealogy of the Kumu Hula (hula teachers), from as far back as Kumus can remember. I found Kumu Kaleohano in the Ha'aheo Genealogy (Maui-Oahu), recorded as one of the oldest Kumus in that line. His first name is not recorded. Below is an excerpt from the book.

Chanter & Teacher, Born 1819, on Maui. One of first to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, on Maui. Moved to La'ie, Oahu, 1867, teaching Hawaiian Culture, Language & Chants. His students include the great Kumu from Maui, Kamawa'e & Niu-o-La'a; also Pua Ha'aheo, Keaka Kanahele and Luika-pele-kaio, whose maiden name was Kaleohano, cousin of Queen Kapi'olani, related also to King Kalakaua, who stayed with him while visiting La'ie. Arranged all entertainment for royal party during visits.
He died in 1896 in La'ie, Oahu.

We also all know that King Kalakaua & Queen Kapi'olani were Husband & Wife, and Uncle & Aunty to Princess Ka'iulani. Also Queen Lil'iuokalani was a Sister to King Kalakaua and Aunty to Princess Ka'iulani. So it looks like my Hawaiian Ohana, Kaleohanos are related not only to Hawaiian Royalty, but to the sweet and lovely Princess Ka'iulani, that I have admired all of my life. That is why I am very excited to see this movie about her life, and to continue to dance the Hula that has been passed down from my ancestors and to share with others about my culture.

King Kalakaua

King Kalakaua

Queen Kapi'olani

Queen Kapi'olani

Queen Lili'uokalani

Queen Lili'uokalani